Best Running Fitness Tracker Band to buy in 2020

Fitness Tracker is one of the best fitness gadgets that are blooming in the technology market.
It monitors and tracks your daily activities like walking, swimming, running and more. There are wide ranges of fitness tracker available in the market and here we are going to look at some of the best fitness trackers to buy in 2020

A couple of things that you’d like to ask yourself to narrow this down :

  1. Brand – Are you brand conscious? Do you mind using a generic or alternative brand?
  2. Price – Is price an issue? Do you mind getting something at a fraction of a cost but absolutely useful?
  3. Functionality – What are you looking for in a fitness tracker?

Once you’re weighed on these questions, then you can find the best fitness tracker. For me, I’d go for the one that doesn’t break the bank and here are the:

10 best running fitness trackers to buy for runners

Fitbit Charge 2

Its #1 in the list of top-selling trackers in the market with the best feature inbuilt inside the watch, its standard feature are:

vivosmart hr plus fitness trackerKey Features of Fitbit Charge 2

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
  • GPS and Pace Tracker
  • Instant Notification
  • Sleep tracking
  • iOS and Android Compatible

check price fitness tracker


PurePulse technology, which tracks the heart rate continuously, Multi-Sport mode track-specific exercise like running, weights or yoga to calculate workout stats, inbuilt GPS feature enable to see the calculated the real-time stats like pace and distance and a map of your route post-workout.

See call, text & calendar alerts on your wrist to keep your smartphone out of sight and your goals in focus during the workout. It also comes with all Day Activity tracking and remainders function to take 250 steps every hour.

Now its feature of auto sleep tracking & alarms works to record the sleep duration and then wake up with a silent alarm.

Fitbit Charge 2 connects with Android and iOS application available in store to see the recorded and real-time stats.

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  • Automatic Heart rate Tracker
  • Long Battery Life
  • GPS Feature
  • Call, Text & Calendar Alerts
  • Waterproof


  • Price
  • Application Required for Stats


Moov Now

Its #2 in the list of trackers for fitness activity,Moov Now is different from other wearable. In a wearable without a display yet still contains a huge amount of power.

moov now fitness trackerKey Features of Moov Now

  • Activity sensor
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 6- month battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • iOS & Android compatible

check price fitness trackerThis tracker automatically senses your activity and workout intensity. No need to tell your band that you are going to take sleep now – it will detect it itself. It’s very lightweight and only has a small button on the top, which you will click when you want to start an exercise or sync your fitness stats to get an up-to-date look.

It comes with an ultralight design and most comfortable band in weight segment, analyzes and coaches your form.

It comes with dust and waterproof can work peacefully during the swimming and other aqua activities.

The battery life of more than 6 months without charging enhance all the feature of this fitness band and users are using this fitness band because of its amazing battery life.

Moov Now the application is available on both devices either Android or iOS and can use both to see the calculated stats.

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  • Automatic activity tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Smart Audio Coach
  • Good Price-Performance Ratio


  • No Display
  • Robotic Voice


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Its #3 in the list of recommended fitness watch for healthy workout report track, The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro fitness tracker is amazing, even this wearable can be used for daily tracking or use it for tracking and training with different workouts.

gear fit 2 fitness bandKey Features of Gear Fit 2 Pro

  • Heart rate Monitoring
  • Calories and step count
  • Better battery life
  • GPS
  • Secure Design

check price fitness trackerThis band comes with lightweight and smaller in size model and are more comfortable daily wear and sleep tracking, battery life is amazing due to less inbuilt features.

It also comes with GPS tracking and heart rate monitor with Bluetooth connectivity. The Gear Fit2 Pro can connect with your smartphone via  Bluetooth and can access all your upcoming notifications.

It also comes with water resistance up to 50meter, can track the location and able to allow the play music functionality with lots of music store in Spotify and can play via wi-fi or Bluetooth without a smartphone in your hand.

One of the highly recommended reasons for getting the Gear Fit2 Pro is budget price. Being small in size and less in a number of devices, it’s less expensive and more attractive to purchase and wear to rock your fitness.

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  • GPS and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Battery Life
  • Water Resistance
  • Not more expensive


  • Limited information on Display
  • Few Functions


honor band 3

Its #4 in the list of best fitness trackers to buy under your budget, Honor is a trusted brand in the case of electronic wearables in fitness activity products, honor band 3 is an amazing product in the series of running trackers to buy.

honor fitness band 3 Key features of Honor band 3

  • GPS inbuilt
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Swim-proof
  • battery life up to 30-days
  • Auto Tracker

check price fitness trackerIt’s enhanced with the latest feature including continuous heart rate tracker with water resistance up to 50mtr. Packed with the latest UI of notifications and alerts feature, battery life is amazing and it comes with one charge support up to 30 days.

Step tracking and GPS inbuilt and worked more accurate with measurable data collected via Honor Band 3 app through Android or iOS smartphone.

Overall, the Honor Band 3 is a best in waterproof activity tracker that we’d recommend for most of the fitness freak. Those who want to track their activity using GPS should avoid this wearable and depend on their smartphones.

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  • High battery Life
  • GPS and Heart rate enabled
  • Water Proof
  • Value of Money


  • Display Low light
  • Small Display


Amazfit Bip

Its #5 in the list of running fitness trackers to buy, Amazfit Bip is trendy and stylish activity wearable that can put an extra charm in your lifestyle.

Amazfit Bip fitness trackerKey features of Amazfit Bip

  • Automatic Heart rate tracker
  • GPS and step counts
  • Sleep and fitness track
  • 30 days Battery Life
  • Secure and smart design

check price fitness trackerBip best feature that makes it smarter in the list is it’s the battery life of  30+ days on a single charge, an amazing classic display which reflective always-on color touch display, GPS is more accurate and can track more efficiently, barometer sensor makes it more attractive tracker, a geomagnetic sensor, PPG heart rate sensor which comes with advanced tech in wearable for fitness freaks, 3-axis accelerometer for activity during workout and other sports.

Sleep tracking is also good in this piece of device and is more effective in this price range.

Amazfit Bip is easy to wear and use it as a smartwatch and as well as a fitness tracker for look activity in daily health routine.

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  • Longer Battery Life
  • GPS, Heart rate Tracker
  • Value of Money


  • Price
  • Bip Packs


Apple Watch Series 3

Its #6 in the list of fitness trackers to buy for fitness gigs, here the list is getting more weight with the brand new Apple Watch series 3 smartwatch for running fitness trackers.

Apple Watch Series 3 fitness watchKey features of Apple Watch Series 3

  • Heart rate tracking
  • GPS
  • Instant Notification
  • Battery life
  • Auto Sensor


check price fitness tracker

It comes with fully packed of trusted technologies but the price is a constraint for this apple watch which is higher in comparisons to other devices.

It’s complete with features like GPS, a Heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, Notifications, high battery life, and a stylish wearable display.

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  • Phone and Messages
  • Apps and Notifications
  • Battery Life
  • Siri


  • Price


Mi Band 3

Its #7 in the list of running fitness trackers to buy online under your budget. Mi 3 Band comes with a large OLED touch screen that allows you to view & reject calls, read SMS, WhatsApp, and other messages and app notifications.

mi fitness band 3Key Feature of Mi Band 3

  • Real-Time Monitor
  • Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor
  • OLED Display
  • Water Resistance
  • Weather Forecast
  • Android and iOS compatible

check price fitness trackerThe new Mi Band 3 also comes with a better and long-lasting battery that lasts up to 20 days on a single charge.

Mi 3 band can track your sleep and also monitor your heart-rate. The band is less in price and also comes with a touchscreen display. This band is secure design and real-time activity tracker with weather forecasting feature.

With the Mi-Fit App, you can set customized the daily routine activity according to your daily end goal.

It is the most trusted smart rinning fitness tracker and is more rated on Amazon by trusted buyers who use it daily.

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  • GPS, Heart rate monitor
  • Battery Life
  • Easy to use
  • Alerts and Notification


  • Small in Size
  • Less Price


Now, if you are looking for the cheap fitness bands to buy under your budget then I will highly recommend taking a look at these below-listed activity trackers. And these fitness trackers are best in functionality and are trusted by most of the fit users.

Basic functionality required before choosing the right fitness tracker are : 

Well, it is very difficult to choose the right fitness tracker for daily activity tracking and to check the right fitness level, above suggestion guide to buying the best fitness tracker is very accurate and are well designed to perform all the functionality and to help the person to measure the fitness level.

So, the technology used in these small electronic gadgets is very awesome and are performing very well, sensors used to drive the data and make a perfect friend to a human being, what we look in these wearables are :

  • Heart rate monitor checking in a fitness tracker
  • Blood Pressure measuring wearables.
  • Sleep and all-day activity tracking.
  • The better battery life of these fitness bands.
  • Calories and step count in these wearables.

The above functions are available in the listed fitness band and are more likely to perform well in all critical conditions.


Thanks for reading the whole article on the fitness tracker, it’s not easy to buy the best gadget related to health and fitness, we have multiple choices to get these from different brands, but getting the best in class fitness gadget is always confusing.

I have suggested all the best fitness trackers buy for you, having features and specifications with these reviewed gadgets are awesome.

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